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2013-07-10 12:48:03

Three waves of the deadliest influenza pandemic in history, known as the Spanish flu, hit England and Wales in 1918, just as World War 1 was coming to an end.

Devastating Symptoms Of Tay-Sachs Disease May Be Reduced With Readily-available drugs
2013-06-06 15:32:49

A team of researchers has made a significant discovery which may have a dramatic impact on children stricken with Tay-Sachs disease, a degenerative and fatal neurological condition that often strikes in the early months of life.

Researchers Find Women Remember Faces Better Than Men
2013-06-04 14:44:38

New research from McMaster University suggests women can remember faces better than men, in part because they spend more time studying features without even knowing it, and a technique researchers say can help improve anyone's memories.

Gambling Decisions Influenced By Evolution
2013-03-18 19:05:50

A new international team of researchers has released a study that points to the origins of the behaviors of modern day gamblers.

Healthy Diet Prevents Repeat Heart Attacks And Strokes
2012-12-04 11:01:46

Scientists from McMaster University recently found that healthy eating can help prevent the possibility of a second heart attack or stroke for patients who are suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Researchers Identify Santa Clause Gene
2012-11-20 20:57:27

Researchers have identified a gene that not only contributes to obesity, but also to a lowered risk of depression.

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