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Researchers Find Women Remember Faces Better Than Men
2013-06-04 14:44:38

McMaster University New research from McMaster University suggests women can remember faces better than men, in part because they spend more time studying features without even knowing it, and a technique researchers say can help improve anyone's memories. The findings help to answer long-standing questions about why some people can remember faces easily while others quickly forget someone they've just met. "The way we move our eyes across a new individual's face affects our ability...

Gambling Decisions Influenced By Evolution
2013-03-18 19:05:50

Alan McStravick for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Many of us who have made vacation plans to travel to the entertainment and gambling bastions of Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or any number of the regional casinos around the nation, probably find we enjoy the thrill of the possibility of parlaying a nominal bet into a moderate windfall. However, the fact these locations continue to exist and thrive lets one know the odds are typically in favor of the house. There are,...

Healthy Diet Prevents Repeat Heart Attacks And Strokes
2012-12-04 11:01:46

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The saying may be that milk does the body good, but other food like fruits, vegetables and fish do the heart good in particular. Scientists from McMaster University recently found that healthy eating can help prevent the possibility of a second heart attack or stroke for patients who are suffering from cardiovascular disease. In general, the study´s findings showed that a healthy diet could have an...

Researchers Identify Santa Clause Gene
2012-11-20 20:57:27

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Just in time for the appearance of jolly old Saint Nick at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have identified a gene that not only contributes to obesity, but also to a lowered risk of depression. The ℠Santa Claus gene,´ known as FTO, is a major genetic contributor to obesity and was linked to an eight percent reduction in the risk of depression, according to...

Swimming With Hormones Ancient Urges That Drive The Social Decisions Of Fish Unraveled
2012-10-09 17:54:11

Researchers have discovered that a form of oxytocin–the hormone responsible for making humans fall in love–has a similar effect on fish, suggesting it is a key regulator of social behavior that has evolved and endured since ancient times. The findings, published in the latest edition of the journal Animal Behaviour, help answer an important evolutionary question: why do some species develop complex social behaviors while others spend much of their lives alone? "We know how...

2012-08-20 23:01:30

Dr. James Orbinski, a globally recognized humanitarian practitioner and advocate, as well as a leading scholar in global health, has been appointed as Director of the Africa Initiative at The Centre for International Governance Innovation. Waterloo, Ontario (PRWEB) August 20, 2012 Dr. James Orbinski has been appointed Director of the Africa Initiative, effective September 2012, The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) announced today. He also will be a senior adviser to...

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  • A large punch-bowl of the eighteenth century, usually of silver and with a movable rim, and decorated with flutings and a scalloped edge. It was also used for cooling and carrying wine-glasses.
  • A kind of cotton handkerchief having white spots on a colored ground, the spots being produced by a chemical which discharges the color.
This word is possibly named after Monteith (Monteigh), 'an eccentric 17th-century Scotsman who wore a cloak scalloped at the hem.'