Latest MDMA Stories

2005-09-06 10:30:00

LONDON -- Ketamine, an animal anaesthetic with hallucinogenic properties, is gaining popularity as a recreational drug in Britain, an independent survey reported on Tuesday. Charity Drugscope found that the drug, first popular in gay nightclubs, had now spread to a wider group of partygoers, and was on sale in eight of the 15 British towns and cities surveyed. "Ketamine has now established its place alongside the usual dance scene drugs like ecstasy," Paul Hurd, of Nottingham drug...

2005-08-03 17:15:00

WASHINGTON -- Amphetamines, including the party drug Ecstasy, have reversed the effects of Parkinson's disease in mice, researchers said on Wednesday. Their finding does not suggest the use of now-illegal drugs to treat the incurable brain disease, but may offer a way forward in helping patients, they said. The team at Duke University in North Carolina treated mice that were genetically modified to suffer from Parkinson's-like symptoms with more than 60 types of amphetamines. Fourteen of the...

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