Latest MDMA Stories

2009-03-23 13:50:00

WARREN, N.J., March 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) has endorsed the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies as the preferred insurance provider for its members.

2009-03-09 11:10:00

Ecstasy may help suffers of post-traumatic stress learn to deal with their memories more effectively by encouraging a feeling of safety.

2008-09-14 18:00:23

A DRUG that put three Irish people in hospital is still for sale in shops. Clubbers take BZP - benzylpiperazine - to get a rush similar to ecstasy. BZP is already illegal in New Zealand, America, the UK, and Australia, and the EU voted to ban it in March.

2008-09-10 08:30:00

Demand for synthetic drugs such as amphetamines and Ecstasy is growing in Asia and spreading to Middle East markets, the U.N. reported Tuesday.

2007-10-04 06:00:35

By Scott Waldman, Albany Times Union, N.Y. Oct. 4--BETHLEHEM -- A noisy scooter ride led police to a suspected drug operation on a quiet suburban street. Officers seized heroin, cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy and pills along with $4,700 in cash, digital scales and a weapons cache on Sept.

2007-08-21 18:10:00

Researchers have figured out how to give an entire community a drug test using just a teaspoon of wastewater from a city's sewer plant. The test wouldn't be used to finger any single person as a drug user.

2007-03-23 08:15:00

New "landmark" research finds that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than some illegal drugs like marijuana or Ecstasy and should be classified as such in legal systems, according to a new British study.

2006-05-19 18:11:03

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. Air National Guard pilot and a crew member pleaded guilty on Friday to using military flights to smuggle millions of dollars worth of the drug Ecstasy into the United States, federal authorities said. Capt. Franklin Rodriguez and Master Sgt.

2006-03-22 12:33:53

By Anne Harding NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Taking the drug Ecstasy can impair memory and learning, but giving up the drug can stop the slide in mental capacity, a new study shows.

2006-03-01 08:12:38

By Francois Murphy VIENNA (Reuters) - The synthetic drug methamphetamine has become a greater concern in the United States and other countries than heroin or cocaine, the U.N. narcotics watchdog said on Wednesday.

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