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A Small Snack Is A Smart Snack When Dieting
2013-01-31 19:58:26

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Plain and simply put, dieting can be hard, but there is new research out now that may help you have the best of both worlds, with moderation. Dr. Ellen van Kleef of Wageningen University, and colleagues, designed a study that looked into whether people were satisfied just eating a snack, or if it was the portion that mattered to them. The researchers separated study participants into two groups, each of which had different...

2012-12-06 11:17:33

People who think they have eaten more feel less hungry hours after a meal The memory of having eaten a large meal can make people feel less hungry hours after the meal, according to research published December 5 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Jeffrey Brunstorm and colleagues from the University of Bristol. The researchers showed volunteers either a small or large portion of soup just before lunch, and then manipulated the amount of soup they actually consumed by means of a...

2012-12-05 05:04:20

YogaSoul Center in Eagan is hosting a series of special potluck gatherings to celebrate the season and the community. The gatherings are free. Attendees are asked to bring vegetarian items, but no one is required to bring something to eat in order to enjoy the food and the conversation. Eagan, Minnesota (PRWEB) December 04, 2012 YogaSoul Center in Eagan is hosting a series of special potluck gatherings to celebrate the season and the community. The potluck gatherings are free. Attendees are...

Veggies Enhance Perception Of Food And Cook
2012-11-29 12:16:03

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Researchers from Cornell University´s Food and Brand Lab recently released a study showing that including vegetables in a meal could positively change perceptions and expectations about both the dish and the person cooking. In particular, the scientists were interested in finding out about the psychological motivations for adding a vegetable to a plate. Interesting enough, only 23 percent of meals...

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2009-03-27 18:08:12

Callinectes sapidus, or more familiarly known as the Blue Crab, is a crustacean inhabiting the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Maryland advertises the species as its State Crustacean and consequently, it is the subject of an extensive fishery there. The Blue Crab is particularly aggressive and complicated to handle safely. It is hostile and known to react at any movement they determine a threat. The western edge of the Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to...

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