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2012-09-07 11:09:37

Every ten years or so, someone will make the observation that there is a lack of political diversity among psychological scientists and a discussion about what ought to be done ensues.

2012-05-03 15:52:29

A new paper by Kyle Murray, a marketing researcher with the Alberta School of Business, puts a spin on the expression "you can't please everyone."

2012-02-01 01:13:14

Despite the fears of some scholars and pundits, most political partisans don’t avoid news and opinion sources that contradict their own beliefs, according to a new study.

2011-05-13 15:00:00

Politicians should be careful when they rail against mainstream news media.

2010-03-16 13:00:00

LOS ANGELES, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- A "Truth in Media" audience poll of African-American internet users revealed that an overwhelming 80% believe the coverage of African-Americans in the news is "negative" and nearly 90% do not think mainstream news is "fair and balanced" in its coverage of African-Americans.

2009-03-12 12:28:00

WASHINGTON, March 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Congressman Lamar Smith, a Republican representing the 21st District of Texas, called for more accountability from the national media, particularly The New York Times, in an exclusive column posted at BoycottNYT.com. "After years of biased reporting -- reaching a new low with the most one-sided coverage of a presidential campaign in history last year -- The New York Times has lost its credibility.

2009-02-24 18:22:00

The Hard Hitting Documentary Exposes Unprecedented Mainstream Media Bias in the 2008 Presidential Election LOS ANGELES, Feb.

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