Latest Megathrust earthquakes Stories

2010-08-18 15:00:00

New research finds that a deadly tsunami that hit several South Pacific islands last year was spawned by two monstrous earthquakes. It was originally thought that a single powerful magnitude-8.1 jolt triggered the tsunami last September 29 that killed over 200 people in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. Two teams used different research techniques that have separately concluded that the disaster was because of a rare double whammy that hit within minutes of each other.  The two...

2006-03-31 06:59:35

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The perky "cock-a-doodle-doo" of a rooster sounds in Roger Smith's office every time an earthquake rumbles beneath Alaska. Temblors throughout the state trigger the computer-generated crow about 60 times a day - roughly 22,000 times a year - in the office of Smith, director of the Geophysical Institute on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. "It's just part of the background," said Smith. "The rooster is a good reminder that the earth's surface in Alaska is very...

2005-12-02 11:31:39

CORVALLIS, Ore. "“ The magnitude 9.2 earthquake that triggered a devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December of 2004 originated just off the coast of northern Sumatra, but an "energy pulse" "“ an area where slip on the fault was much greater "“ created the largest waves, some 100 miles from the epicenter. Seismologists have mapped these energy pulses for Sumatra and are trying to learn more about them to predict better when and where tsunamis may occur. They also...

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