Latest Megatsunami Stories

2005-01-03 17:49:57

LONDON (AFP) -- Countries all around the Atlantic rim could be hit by killer tsunamis at any time between now and the next 10,000 years, the British government's chief scientific adviser said. Writing in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, Sir David King said danger lies in the potential collapse of one of the Canary Islands, Cumbre Vieja, "a mass of rock off the coast of La Palma," into the ocean deep. "Tsunamis caused by this would overwhelm the Canary Islands and batter the coasts of...

2004-12-28 08:23:17

Scientists describe Sunday's devastating earthquake off the island of Sumatra as a "megathrust" - a grade reserved for the most powerful shifts in the Earth's crust. The term doesn't entirely capture the awesome power of the fourth largest earthquake since 1900, or the tsunami catastrophes it spawned for coastal areas around the Indian Ocean. Despite its awesome power, the quake itself was not much of a surprise, scientists said Monday. Sumatra is one of the most earthquake-prone places in...

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