Latest Melba Ketchum Stories

New Video, DNA Evidence Indicates Bigfoot Really Exists
2013-10-02 14:44:38

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A large multi-institutional research team working with the Sasquatch Genome Project (SGP) say they have evidence that will prove Bigfoot is the real deal. Roger Patterson’s 1967 video of an alleged Bigfoot, shot in the Bluff Creek Tributary northeast of Orleans, California, has become the single most credible evidence of the existence of such a hominin in the last half century. Since then, numerous videos, photos and other...

Bigfoot DNA Analysis Reveals Human Hybrid
2012-11-28 11:35:27

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A scientist in Texas is claiming to have sequenced the genome of Bigfoot, alias Sasquatch or Yeti. Researcher Melba Ketchum led a team of scientists in a five-year DNA study purporting to confirm the existence of the hominin hybrid species commonly referred to as Bigfoot. The findings of this study are not yet published and are currently undergoing peer review. The study findings suggest that the mythical creature known as Bigfoot...

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