Latest Memorization Stories

2014-01-19 23:03:38

Memory Improvement Program can help users improve their memory rapidly.

2013-12-30 23:24:34

Power Memory Formula developed by Gary Busey is a novel method that can help people maximize and optimize their memorizing power.

Clenching Your Fists May Provide A Memory Boost
2013-04-25 13:22:14

Having trouble putting a name to a face at the grocery store or an annual conference? A new study in PLoS ONE suggests that clenching your fist can help dredge up information from the depths of your mind.

Memory Method Works Using Virtual Reality
2012-11-16 13:43:32

The memory technique, called loci, or location, by the ancient Greeks, was used by Socrates, according to classic scholars, to memorize his oratories. To do this, Socrates would wander around his home and assign a word or fact that he needed to memorize to some familiar object or structure in his home.

2010-03-15 07:15:00

FORT WORTH, Texas, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- He was suspended from college for earning a 0.9 GPA, but 2009 USA Memory Championship winner Ron White (http://www.ronwhitetraining.com) has come a long way in the years since: With his win at the 2010 USA Memory Championship in New York City on March 6, 2010, the Afghanistan War veteran has just become a two-time memory champion. White, who endured months of intense mental and physical training to prepare for the event, holds the U.S.

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