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2014-07-25 03:30:24

The age at which girls reach sexual maturity is influenced by 'imprinted' genes, a small sub-set of genes whose activity differs depending on which parent passes on that gene, according to new research published this week in the journal Nature.

2013-03-08 00:56:58

Chinese women are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease if they have their first menstrual cycle or enter menopause later than their peers.

2011-08-11 13:44:05

A study links low vitamin D in young girls with early menstruation, which is a risk factor for a host of health problems for teen girls as well as women later in life.

2011-04-05 15:32:20

Women who suffer from asthma or poor lung function as adults generally started their periods at the age of 10 or before.

2010-12-02 00:54:13

University of Minnesota School of Public Health researcher Ellen Demerath, Ph.D., is among an international group of researchers that has identified 30 new genes responsible for determining the age of sexual maturation in women.

2010-11-22 08:03:58

Scientists have discovered 30 new genes that control the age of sexual maturation in women.

2010-09-27 08:58:46

Look out moms! Girls who live in a home without a father are more likely to hit puberty at an earlier age.

2010-09-17 13:49:29

Girls in homes without a biological father are more likely to hit puberty at an earlier age.

2010-04-16 08:13:34

Researchers at the University of Helsinki and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) have shown that a gene called LIN28B strongly influences height growth from birth to adulthood in a complex and sex-specific manner.

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