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North Meets South In The Sea
2012-07-25 08:04:24

Small fish adapt to cold, warm water temperatures along 2,000 miles of Atlantic Coast

2009-03-04 14:14:20

In an intriguing 21st century example of Darwinism, researchers demonstrate that fish will again grow to larger sizes and produce more young when size-selective fishing is eased

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2008-10-08 12:48:10

The Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia) is found in the shallows of the Hudson River estuary and other tidal rivers and creeks in southeastern New York, and Long Island from the spring to the fall. They move out away from the shorelines and enter deeper water in the Chesapeake Bay during the winter. The Atlantic Silverside is a small fish, approximately 3 to 6 inches in length. The upper sides are translucent green-yellow, gradually turning iridescent white on the sides to pale white on...

2007-02-21 17:26:21

Menidia is a genus of silverside fish (Atherinopsidae) found all around the shores of the Gulf of Maine from Nova Scotia to Cape Cod. Description The Menidia is six times as long as it is tall. Its body is covered with large, silver scales. Its fins are translucent bottle green, and the upper parts of the sides are speckled with dark brown. A silver band outlined by a narrow black streak runs alone each side of the Menidia. Its belly is smooth, rounded, and white. Its first dorsal fin,...

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