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Surf Scoter Melanitta perspicilliata
2013-10-02 13:41:30

The Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicilliata) is a sea duck of large size, which breeds in Canada and Alaska. It’s placed in the subgenus Melanitta, along with the Velvet and White-winged Scoters, distinct from the subgenus Oidemia, Black and Common Scoters. It winters further south in temperate zones, on the coasts of the northern United States. Small numbers regularly winter in Western...

White-winged Scoter Melanitta deglandi or Melanitta fusca
2013-04-22 17:21:06

The White-winged Scoter (Melanitta deglandi or Melanitta fusca deglandi) is a bulky sea duck. It is characterized by its large bill and bulky shape. This is the biggest species of Scoter. The females range from 2.1 to 4.2 lbs and 19 to 22 inches, averaging 2.6 lbs and 21 inches. She is brown with pale patches on her head. The male ranges from 3 to 4.7 lbs and from 21 to 24 inches, averaging 3.6...

Bufflehead Bucephala albeola
2012-04-02 19:59:01

The Bufflehead, (Bucephala albeola), is a species of sea duck of the goldeneye family. It was first described by Linnaeus in 1758 as Anas albeola. This is a migratory species with most populations wintering in protected coastal waters, or open inland waters on the east and west coasts of North America as far south as the southern United States. It is an extremely rare vagrant to western Europe....

Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus
2012-03-22 23:12:58

The Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) is a small species of duck and the only living member of its genus. Its habitat is swamps and wooded ponds on the northern half of the United States or southern Canada. A common species in captivity in Europe, Hooded Mergansers seen in the wild there are usually regarded as escapes. However, a few have been regarded as genuine wild vagrants. It is a...

Barrows Goldeneye Bucephala islandica
2012-01-12 17:53:47

Barrow’s Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica) is a medium-sized species of sea duck. Its breeding habitat is wooded lakes and ponds in northwestern North America, but also in scattered locations in eastern Canada and Iceland. In Iceland it is commonly known as husond (house-duck). It is a migratory bird and will winter in protected coastal waters or open inland waters. It rarely migrates as far...

2009-01-17 19:13:34

The Smew (Mergellus albellus) is a species of duck that is intermediately placed between mergansers and goldeneyes. It is the only member in its genus Mergellus, which is sometimes grouped with the Mergus genus of mergansers. However, it is most likely closer related to the goldeneyes, and has interbred with the Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula). The Smew is found in the northern taiga...

Black Scoter
2009-01-17 19:10:47

The Black or American Scoter (Melanitta americana) is a species of sea duck found in the far north of North America in Labrador and Newfoundland to the southeast Hudson bay, in Alaska. It is also found on the Siberian side of the Bering Straits east of the Yana River. It migrates further south for the winter months along the coasts of the USA and Canada, and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico....

Auckland Islands Merganser
2007-10-24 16:15:22

The Auckland Islands Merganser (Mergus australis), was a typical merganser which is now extinct. This bird was first collected when a French expedition visited the Auckland Islands in 1840. Subsequent fossil discoveries suggest that this merganser was previously resident on the South Island and Stewart Island in New Zealand. There have also been fossils found of related subspecies on the...

Labrador Duck
2007-10-24 16:08:27

The Labrador Duck (Camptorhynchus labradorius), was an eider-like sea duck that was never known to be common, and is believed to be the first duck to go extinct in North America after 1500. The last Labrador Duck is believed to have been seen in Elmira, New York on December 12, 1878. The last preserved specimen was shot in 1875 on Long Island. It was thought to breed in Labrador and wintered...

2009-02-14 21:01:08

The Smew (Mergellus albellus) is a species of small duck that is somewhat-related to typical mergansers and the goldeneyes; it is more closely related to the goldeneyes. It breeds in the northern taiga (the coniferous evergreen forests of sub arctic lands) of Europe and Asia. It is found mainly on fish-rich lakes and slow moving rivers. It migrates away from this area and winters on sheltered...

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