Latest Merlucciidae Stories

2011-08-23 18:16:47

Hake is constantly fished in the waters of the European Atlantic Ocean and, nevertheless, resists stock depletion relatively well. At times nature is capable of correcting the mistakes made by humans. Ms Nerea Goikoetxea, a researcher at Azti-Tecnalia, has been witness to this. She has investigated the population dynamics of the northern European hake population, observing which environment has favored the species since the 90s to date: the sea has turned milder, and so larvae have grown...

2008-05-28 15:00:23

Cape Capensis is a premium species caught by deep sea trawlers off the west coast of Southern Africa where the nutrient-rich, unpolluted, icy waters of the Benguela current are swept up the coast of Africa from the Antarctic. This frigid water is vital to the fish's firm texture and delicate, sweet flavor. These premium cape capensis fillets are processed and frozen at sea locking in quality and freshness. The demand for Cape Capensis is growing in the U.S. It is a popular alternative to...

Word of the Day
  • Remarkable; prodigious.
  • Audacious; gutsy.
  • Completely; extremely.
  • Audaciously; boldly.
  • Impressively great in size; enormous; extraordinary.
This word is probably from the dialectal 'boldacious,' a blend of 'bold' and 'audacious.'