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2009-02-02 16:05:00

Controversy continues to surround scientists' use of Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory to develop improved technologies, even in the days before marking the 200th anniversary of the English naturalist on Feb. 12. Although many scientists see Darwin's ideas as an indispensible way to approach new applications in computer science, the field of medicine, and elsewhere, fundamentalist Christians still disagree on the teaching and application of those ideas. Last month, the Texas State Board of...

2009-02-02 10:28:01

Charles Darwin may have been born 200 years ago come Feb. 12, but his theory of evolution remains an everyday touchstone for modern biologists. And while the Origin of Species author might not have known the term "global warming," he wouldn't have been surprised that the environment is changing. He would, however, be astonished by the speed at which it's happening today. "Every species is under temporary permanence," says Bill Saidel, an associate professor of biology at Rutgers University's...

2006-02-22 06:47:03

PARADISE, Wash. (AP) - A tiny worm that lives in glaciers and snowfields is drawing attention for what it could reveal about life on other planets. The ice worm inhabits glacial regions in the coastal ranges of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. The odd creature easily moves through ice, is liveliest near the freezing point of water and dissolves into a goo when warmed. There's been increased interest in ice worms and other animals whose glacial habitat could disappear within...

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