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2014-05-06 23:11:17

Metamorphosis Retreats brings triple bottom line benefits to Concur Fusion with ecotourism solutions for corporate travel. New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) May 06, 2014 Travel has tremendous though often overlooked impacts on people, the planet and the economy. Business travel comprises two thirds of the travel market today; but in spite of the steady growth of ecotourism options in the consumer market, there are still relatively few sustainable travel options for corporate buyers. Metamorphosis...

Image 1 - Scientists Learn How Insects 'Remodel' Their Bodies Between Life Stages
2012-03-01 04:47:52

Similar mechanisms may drive changes in puberty It´s one of life´s special moments: a child finds a fat caterpillar, puts it in a jar with a twig and a few leaves, and awakens one day to find the caterpillar has disappeared and an elegant but apparently lifeless case now hangs from the twig. Then, when the jar has been forgotten, soft beating against its glass walls calls attention to a new wonder: the jar now holds a fragile-winged butterfly or dusky moth with fringed...

2010-10-11 23:05:00

NEW YORK, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- For the very first time in history the "World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band," ABKCO Records and Universal Music Group have joined forces to offer two vinyl box set collections spanning over 40 years of the Rolling Stones' career. The box sets include 23 original studio albums, two "Big Hits" collections as well as two rare EPs. They will be released on November 22 in the U.K. and November 23 in the U.S. and Canada. The Rolling Stones 1964-1969 and The...

2009-12-03 22:19:47

Discovery offers opportunity to develop new environmentally safe ways to control pests A team of University of Minnesota researchers have discovered how PTTH, a hormone produced by the brain, controls the metamorphosis of juvenile insects into adults. The finding, published in the Dec. 4 issue of Science, will help scientists understand how insect body size is programmed in response to developmental and environmental cues and offers the opportunity to develop a new generation of more...

2009-04-02 12:48:00

PAPA ROACH'S METAMORPHOSIS DEBUTS AT NUMBER 8 ON BILLBOARD TOP 200 THEIR ALBUM OF THE DECADE CARRIES AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE "Lifeline" Smash Alternative and Rock Single LOS ANGELES, April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Papa Roach's album of the decade Metamorphosis debuts at number 8 this week on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart with 44,456 units sold. First week sales of Metamorphosis exceed that of their 2006 The Paramour Sessions which sold 36,742 units - that's an 18% increase despite a tough...

2009-01-13 08:00:00

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Papa Roach will release their forthcoming fifth studio album, Metamorphosis on March 24th through DGC/Interscope Records. Co-Produced by Jay Baumgardner and Papa Roach with additional co-production by James Michael on six of the tracks, the new album conjures a vicious, vibrant intensity that is raw, relevant and ready to rock. The multi-platinum selling, Grammy-nominated Northern California quartet is back with their album of the decade....

2008-11-14 15:00:16

NBC said Friday it has signed U.S. actress and singer Hilary Duff to a one-year, exclusive talent and development deal to star in her own television series. The pact would also allow her to guest star or appear in multiple-episode arcs in various current NBC series, it was announced by Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios. "Hilary is an incredibly versatile talent with a huge following whose career we know will continue to soar on NBC," Teri Weinberg,...

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Chinese Fire Belly Newt, Cynops orientalis
2013-10-07 13:41:26

The Chinese Fire Belly Newt (Cynops orientalis) is a small black newt measuring about 2.2 to 4 inches. It has bright orange aposematic coloration on the ventral sides. C. orientalis is commonly seen in pet stores where it is frequently confused with the Japanese Fire Belly Newt (C. pyrrhogaster) because of similarities in size and in coloration. It typically exhibits smoother skin and a rounder tail than the C. pyrrhogaster, and has less obvious parotoid glands. They are mildly poisonous...

Northern Crested Newt, Triturus cristatus
2013-10-07 13:36:15

The Northern Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus), known also as the Great Crested Newt or Warty Newt, is a newt belonging to the family Salamandridae found across Europe and parts of Asia. Its range extends from Great Britain and Brittany in the west across much of Europe north of the Alps and the Black Sea. It’s the biggest and least common of the three newts found in the British Isles and is one of only four amphibians protected by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. The newts have dark...

Anotogaster sieboldii
2013-07-10 15:47:26

Anotogaster sieboldii, known locally as oniyanma in Japanese, is a species of dragonfly that can be found in Japan. It is the largest dragonfly in that range, reaching an average body length of up to 3.9 inches. Adults are able to breed about two months after their final metamorphosis. After breeding, females will travel to slow moving streams, ponds, and other calm waters to lay their eggs, sometimes skimming the surface of the water to lay the eggs in the mud underneath. The eggs will hatch...

2005-08-25 09:40:19

The Orthoptera are an order of insects with incomplete metamorphosis, including the grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, and katydids. Many insects in this order produce sound (known as stridulation) by rubbing their wings against each other or their legs, the wings or legs containing rows of corrugated bumps. Their ears, located in the front legs, are interconnected in such a way that they are able to locate each other by sound. Characteristics Orthopterans have two pairs of wings - the...

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