Latest Metasploit Project Stories

2014-05-05 23:02:16

Pwnie Express Unveils Next Generation State-of-the-Art Pwn Phone 2014 Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) May 05, 2014 Pwnie Express today revealed the next generation of its game-changing Pwn Phone, a cutting edge sleek phone that doubles as a powerful penetration testing device making it incredibly easy to evaluate wired, wireless and Bluetooth networks. The leader in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing devices, the Pwn Phone 2014 is the most portable pentesting device yet....

2013-12-18 23:20:33

Vulnerability Intelligence and Penetration Testing Tablet is Faster, Lighter and Easier to Use than Ever Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013 Pwnie Express today announced the release of the latest version of its lauded Pwn Pad, a tablet that provides IT professionals unprecedented mobility and ease of use in assessing wired and wireless networks. The leader in vulnerability intelligence and penetration testing devices, the latest Pwn Pad, the Pwn Pad 2014, is faster, thinner, lighter,...

Internet Explorer Vulnerability May Lead To Attacks
2013-10-02 09:20:24

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A vulnerability found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer could lead to widespread attacks against PCs running the browser. The exploit was first discovered in August and has since been acknowledged by Microsoft and included in a vulnerability testing tool, the latter of which has made it widely available to both security experts and attackers. Microsoft delivered a “Fix It” tool to protect users from this vulnerability last...

2012-10-22 04:03:15

CYBATI's Co-Founder and President, Matthew E. Luallen, revealed the ease of writing a Metasploit module targeting the MicroLogix line of Allen-Bradley process controllers. Mr. Luallen stated several times during his presentation at NERC's GridSecCon 2012, "I did not want to write this Metasploit module or the laboratory exercise; however, given the current state of escalating risk, it is necessary for the industry to understand just how easy it is to compromise a system if trusted access is...

Internet Explorer Zero-day Vulnerability
2012-09-18 11:14:34

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Microsoft was, no doubt, riding high after discovering and attacking a botnet which was composed of computers that were infected in the supply chain, even before users could click on a spammy link. Yet, for every piece of malware discovered and every botnet dismantled, it can seem like 5 more pop up in their place. On Monday, another zero-day bug was reported in Internet Explorer with a pretty shocking statistic: 4 out of...

Java Vulnerability Could Affect Macs
2012-08-29 11:55:09

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online A vulnerability in Java is once again being blamed for a possible exploit of Mac and Windows computers alike, causing some security experts to recommend uninstalling Java as they exclaim, "Please, for the love of your computer, disable Java on your browser." This new Java vulnerability was discovered last week in the latest Java 7 runtime from Oracle. In the beginning, this exploit was relatively unknown and most often found...

2012-07-04 23:00:49

PacktLib is Packt Publishing´s online digital library providing subscribers with the access to Packt´s cutting edge books on understanding and applying IT technologies for communities of developers, administrators and newbies alike. New additions to PacktLib include Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook, Microsoft XNA 4.0 Game Development Cookbook and Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook. Birmingham, United Kingdom (PRWEB) July 04, 2012 PacktLib is a comprehensive resource,...

Security Company Discovers Videoconferencing Security Risk
2012-01-24 05:30:57

At Rapid 7, a Boston based computer security firm, chief security officer HD Moore discovered a major security hole for many companies. These companies invest thousands of dollars each year on videoconferencing equipment that is left open to hackers. These companies include top venture capital and law firms, pharmaceuticals, oil companies and courtrooms, and even banks like Goldman Sachs´ boardroom. Mike Tuchen, chief executive of Rapid 7, told the New York Times, “These are...

2011-07-12 00:00:56

Security Industry Leader Releases New Version of Retina Vulnerability Scanner with Exploit Identification and Right-click Metasploit Integration Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 11, 2011 eEye Digital Security, a provider of IT security and unified vulnerability management solutions, today announced that the latest release of its Retina Network Security Scanner, as well as the corresponding free version of the product, Retina Community, will both now include exploit identification and right-click...

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