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Archaeologists Unearth Oldest Human Skeleton Known To Have Cancer
2014-03-18 12:49:18

Archaeologists, publishing a paper in PLOS ONE on Monday, say that they have discovered a 3,000 year-old human skeleton who had metastatic cancer. The skeleton discovered in a tomb in modern Sudan is the oldest complete example...

2012-05-07 19:53:55

Screening younger men and men at risk of prostate cancer can be beneficial in reducing metastatic cancer and deaths and should not be abandoned.

2009-01-01 11:17:05

A research team from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine has identified a protein produced by cancerous lung epithelial cells that enhances metastasis by stimulating the activity of inflammatory cells.

2008-12-16 22:01:11

Poor men are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, most likely because they don't receive screening, U.S. researchers say. Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles, the Jonsson Cancer Center and Dr.

2005-11-17 17:12:18

They're but a tiny speck, existing in a variety of forms: particles, tubes, shells, even a soccerball-like shape. They also share a common prefix: "nano," connoting their size, a billionth of a meter or roughly 25-millionth of an inch.

2005-08-19 15:28:27

Cancer patients and their physicians have new answers as they seek the best treatment for the immobilizing trauma of spinal cord compression in metastatic cancer, thanks to Roy Patchell and colleagues at the University of Kentucky.

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