Latest Meteosat Visible and Infrared Imager Stories

2010-02-22 12:25:00

Since the launch of the first Meteosat in 1977, 33 years of imagery combined with increasing computer power have given meteorologists the tools to improve weather forecasting, with direct benefits for us. Numerical weather prediction is improving with data from operational satellites, like Meteosat Second Generation (MSG). Today, thousands of daily measurements are the basis for numerical forecasts, making use of the world's most powerful computers. The MSG satellites are expected to provide...

2010-02-04 08:03:20

Europe's series of Meteosat satellites has been improving the accuracy of weather forecasts for over 30 years. Meteosat-6 has recently broken the record for the operational life of one of these robust missions. The first Meteosat was launched in 1977 and also goes down in history as ESA's first Earth observation mission. There have been a further six of these first-generation weather satellites, with the last launched in 1997. From geostationary orbit, 36,000 km above the equator, the...

2009-12-11 10:56:04

The decision of who will construct the next generation of weather satellites, or Meteosats, for Europe has been postponed three months. The Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) program will cost about $5 billion in all, and should guarantee space-borne weather information until 2040. Thales Alenia Space of France and EADS Astrium of Germany are competing to head the satellites' enlargement. The European Space Agency wants more time to review the qualities of both teams before it comes to a...

2007-11-24 14:47:44

Today, as throughout history, many aspects of our lives are dominated by the weather "“ our well-being and prosperity relies on it. The economic and social benefits of accurate weather forecasts are immense and include improved efficiencies in agricultural systems, optimised planning of transportation and energy, as well as ensuring our safety. Meteosat launched Since the launch of the first Meteosat on 23 November 1977, 30 years of imagery combined with increasing computer power have...

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