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2009-08-19 07:15:00

A research team is claiming to have evidence that shows methane is escaping from the Arctic sea bed. The team, which conducted research from the sea bed off Norway, found more than 250 plumes of methane bubbles rising from the sea floor. As temperatures in the region rise, the sea bed grows warmer, allowing frozen water crystals to break down and release methane. According to the team's report, which appears in Geophysical Research Letters, detected the bubbles using sonar and tested for...

2009-07-14 05:00:00

A huge amount of global warming transformed the Earth into a hothouse 55 million years ago, but the cause remains a mystery, scientists stated on Monday. Prior research into the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM, notes that the planet's surface temperature increased by between 9 and 16.2 degrees Fahrenheit in just several thousand years. The Arctic Ocean's median temperature rose to 73 degrees, or the temperature of a lukewarm bath. PETM's heat wave is enigmatic, but climatologists...

2009-05-19 09:00:00

FARMINGDALE, N.Y., May 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cemtrex, Inc. (OTC: CTEI) announced that it is expanding its marketing activities in Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) for generation of carbon credits. When coal is formed in the mines, so is methane. When the coal is excavated, methane is released and since methane in concentrations of 5-15% is explosive, it is diluted to levels 0.2-1.0% with ventilation air as a safety measure. This very large volume of ventilation air with extremely low...

2009-04-24 09:56:25

An analysis of ancient Greenland ice suggests a spike in the greenhouse gas methane about 11,600 years ago originated from wetlands rather than the ocean floor or from permafrost, a finding that is good news according to the University of Colorado at Boulder scientist who led the study.Methane bound up in ocean sediments and permafrost, called methane clathrate, has been a concern to scientists because of its huge volume, greenhouse gas potency and potential for release during periods of...

2009-04-24 06:15:00

According to scientists, Greenland's icesheet has revealed a store of methane that appears to be more stable that previously thought, easing tensions over a rapid rise in global temperatures. Vast amounts of methane, a gas that is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) at trapping heat within the atmosphere, is trapped within the permafrost in the far northern hemisphere, and in seabed deposits called clathrates. Scientists have feared that the release of the clathrate reservoir...

2009-03-23 14:15:07

In the future, natural gas derived from chunks of ice that workers collect from beneath the ocean floor and beneath the arctic permafrost may fuel cars, heat homes, and power factories. Government researchers are reporting that these so-called "gas hydrates," a frozen form of natural gas that bursts into flames at the touch of a match, show increasing promise as an abundant, untapped source of clean, sustainable energy. The icy chunks could supplement traditional energy sources that are in...

2009-01-15 16:00:00

NASA TV's broadcast on Thursday confirmed that Mars is, indeed, an active planet in our solar system, as the first definitive detection of methane gas has been released into the red planet's atmosphere. Michael Meyer, the lead scientists of the Mars program at NASA, headed a broadcast panel of NASA and University scientists who stated that it is not yet known whether the methane sources were produced geologically or biologically"”suggesting microbial activity of an alien nature. Michael...

2008-11-20 12:30:00

Chemists at the University of Liverpool have developed a way of converting methane gas into a powder form in order to make it more transportable.Scientists have developed a material made out of a mixture of silica and water which can soak up large quantities of methane molecules. The material looks and acts like a fine white powder which, if developed for industrial use, might be easily transported or used as a vehicle fuel.Methane is the principal component of natural gas and can be burnt in...

2008-07-25 06:00:41

Text of report in English by South Korean newspaper Choson Ilbo website on 25 July [Original headline: "Korea To Develop Gas Hydrate Near Dokdo"] The government wants to develop gas hydrate near Dokdo [Liancourt Rocks] as a means to strengthen its dominion over the islets in the face of renewed Japanese territorial ambitions. Knowledge Economy Minister Lee Yoon-ho on Thursday told the National Assembly that development of gas hydrate near Dokdo [Liancourt Rocks] would help Korea protect...

2008-07-07 09:00:56

OTTAWA, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- As the search for new global energy sources, continues and conventional natural gas supplies decline in North America, a 13-member panel of experts appointed by the Council of Canadian Academies has concluded that Canada is well positioned to be a global leader in exploration, research and development, and eventual production of natural gas from gas hydrate. However, given the need for further research to better quantify the large Canadian gas hydrate resource...

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