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2008-05-28 19:50:00

Parallel to catastrophic event of 635 million years ago An abrupt release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from ice sheets that extended to Earth's low latitudes some 635 million years ago caused a dramatic shift in climate, scientists funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) report in this week's issue of the journal Nature. The shift triggered events that resulted in global warming and an ending of the last "snowball" ice age. The researchers believe that the methane was...

2008-05-23 13:35:00

Emissions from wetlands around the Arctic may be responsible for higher atmospheric levels of the greenhouse gas methane that were noted last year.Extra amounts of the gas in the Arctic region are of biological origin, according to scientists. For nearly a decade global levels of methane had remained mostly stable.Rising levels in the arctic indicate that some of the methane stored away in permafrost is being released, which would result in major climatic implications.Methane is about 25...

2008-01-04 12:00:00

As the Chinese economy grows at double-digit rates, satisfying the country's energy appetite is a top priority for President Hu Jintao and his government. While China's oil companies and their search for partners in places like Sudan commands most of the attention in the West, coal is of much greater importance to China than oil. The country relies on coal to generate roughly three-quarters of its electricity. Imports only account for 1.8% of China's coal consumption, with the rest coming...

2007-08-20 07:52:47

The question of whether Titan can retain its thick, organic atmosphere for the rest of its lifetime could hinge on how efficiently methane molecules were packed inside water "crates" during a period of the moon's formation. Dr Vasili Dimitrov, whose work will be presented at the European Planetary Science Congress in Potsdam, said, "If Titan runs out of methane and loses its 'veil', it will become a completely different type of astrophysical body. Methane drives the chemical reactions in...

2007-02-21 12:00:48

BP Exploration (Alaska) has successfully drilled a research well on the Alaska North Slope in partnership with the US Department of Energy and the US Geological Survey to collect samples and gather knowledge about gas hydrate, a potential long-term unconventional gas energy resource. The stratigraphic test well enabled BP and the Department of Energy (DOE) to gather core, log, reservoir performance and fluid data from an ice pad location at Milne Point. The drilling began on February 3,...

2007-02-08 03:00:27

By Moshfeghian, Mahmood; Bourdon, John C; Maddox, R N Because inhibitors are important in reducing formation of hydrates in gas streams, we performed a study to investigate and evaluate the accuracy of available tools that predict hydrate formation conditions in the presence of inhibitors. Gas Processing We evaluated two commercial processsimulation programs and three shortcut methods. The study covered wide ranges of pressures and inhibitor concentrations. Fig. 1 PROCESS FLOW...

2006-09-04 03:27:06

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan geologists have confirmed the existence of more than 500 billion cubic meters of gas hydrate off the southwest coast, enough to meet the island's gas needs for over 60 years, a government geologist said on Monday. But commercial extraction is likely much more than a decade away as techniques to tap the gas are still being developed, Wang Yunshuen, section chief of the mineral resources section, at the Central Geological Survey. "For gas hydrate, every...

2006-07-20 14:25:00

By Timothy Gardner NEW YORK -- If the world continues to get warmer, vast amounts of methane gas trapped in ice under the sea could belch up and worsen climate change, according to a study. "We may have less time than we think to do something (about the prospect of global warming)," Dr. Ira Leifer, a marine scientist at University of California Santa Barbara, said in an interview. Leifer is the main author of a study that looks at how "peak blowouts" of melting undersea formations called...

2006-03-30 07:10:00

The microbes that inhabit deep-sea hydrothermal vent environments may be relics of the earliest life on Earth. Some of the most arresting images of life on our planet have come from the deep-sea world of hydrothermal vents. Massive chimneys belching superheated fluids, colonies of giant crimson-tipped tubeworms swaying in the current, swarms of tiny shrimp, albino crabs. These ecosystems, although isolated from life on the surface, contain a virtual zoo of creatures, thriving under...

2006-01-28 17:55:00

LOS ANGELES -- Scientists have discovered an undersea deposit of frozen methane just off the Southern California coast, but whether it can be harnessed as a potential energy source is unknown. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in tapping methane hydrates, ice-like crystals that form at low temperatures and high pressure in seabeds and in Arctic permafrost. Scientists estimate that the methane trapped in previously known frozen reservoirs around the globe could power the world...

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