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2008-11-27 10:25:00

Fishery experts have known for years that shrimp trawling operations in the Gulf of Mexico are contributing to sharp declines in the ranks of Red Snapper, one of the most delicious and popular marine fish on the seafood menu. While it's clear that thousands of young snapper are killed and wasted after being inadvertently "by-caught" in shrimp nets, new research from Texas Christian and Louisiana State universities finds shrimp trawling also may be raising the level of toxic mercury in...

2008-10-20 21:00:14

Belgian scientists say they've found methylmercury, the main form of mercury found in the blood of marine mammals, might do more harm to seals than thought. Researchers led by Krishna Das of the University of Liege determined methylmercury, or MeHg, harms T-lymphocytes -- key cells in a seal's immune system. Similar results were also found for human lymphocytes. The researchers noted mercury exposure occurs both as a result of man-made pollution, as well as by natural events such as...

2008-10-10 12:47:08

University of Michigan researchers have developed a new tool that uses natural "fingerprints" in coal to track down sources of mercury polluting the environment. The research is published in today's online issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Mercury is a naturally occurring element, but some 2000 tons of it enter the environment each year from human-generated sources such as incinerators, chlorine-producing plants and coal-burning power plants. Mercury is deposited...

2008-10-08 15:00:38

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Jane Hightower -- widely acknowledged as the first US physician to recognize low-level mercury poisoning in patients who regularly consume certain types of fish -- today released new evidence showing that the FDA has failed to inform and protect the public from the risks of mercury poisoning due to consumption of certain types of seafood. Dr. Hightower has released a new book, Diagnosis: Mercury: Money, Politics, and Poison, which is widely available...

2008-08-26 03:00:31

By Report A plaintiff's failure to warn claim against a canned tuna producer isn't preempted by actions taken by the FDA, the 3rd Circuit has ruled. The plaintiff claimed that the company hadn't warned the public about dangerous levels of methylmercury in its Chicken of the Sea tuna, which allegedly caused the plaintiff to suffer serious health problems. The defendant filed a motion to dismiss. It argued that the plaintiff's claim was preempted by the FDA's actions, which included...

2008-08-09 16:41:45

The Great Salt Lake is laden with toxic mercury and scientists cannot explain why. Researchers are now investigating where the poison is coming from and how much danger it poses to the millions of birds that feed on the Great Salt Lake. "We've got a problem, but we don't know how big it is," said Chris Cline, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist. Cline has been collecting cinnamon teal duck eggs from nests along the shore of the lake and has been analyzing them in the lab. In 2005, a...

2008-07-16 00:00:26

By Mark Prado, The Marin Independent Journal, Novato, Calif. Jul. 15--Areas of West Marin laden with toxic mercury including Soulajule Reservoir and Walker Creek need to be cleaned up under a plan approved by a state agency on Tuesday. The poisonous legacy of West Marin's mercury mines is contaminating fisheries and impairing water quality, according to state water regulators. On Tuesday the state's Water Resources Control Board adopted a plan to curb mercury contamination by having...

2008-03-27 11:25:00

Mercury is a large component of dental fillings, but it is not believed to pose immediate health risks in that form. When exposed to sulfate-reducing bacteria, however, mercury undergoes a chemical change and becomes methylated, making it a potent, ingestible neurotoxin.While the major source of neurotoxic mercury comes from coal-fired electric power plants, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at Urbana-Champaign say mercury entering drain water from dental clinics and...

2008-03-04 11:50:00

A long-term study by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the BioDiversity Research Institute, and other organizations has found and confirmed that environmental mercury"”much of which comes from human-generated emissions"”is impacting both the health and reproductive success of common loons in the Northeast. The results of the 18-year study on loons"”a species symbolic of northern lakes and wilderness"”appear in the most recent edition of Ecotoxicology. "This study...

2007-03-07 23:45:00

MADISON -The health risks posed by mercury contaminated fish is sufficient to warrant issuing a worldwide general warning to the public "” especially children and women of childbearing age-to be careful about how much and which fish they eat. That is one of the key findings comprising "The Madison Declaration on Mercury Pollution" published today in a special issue of the international science journal Ambio. Developed at the Eighth International Conference on Mercury as a Global...

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2005-05-26 08:49:14

Mercury (element) Mercury, also called quicksilver, is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Hg (from the Greek hydrargyrum, for watery (or liquid) silver) and atomic number 80. A heavy, silvery, transition metal, mercury is one of only two elements that are liquid at room temperature (the other is bromine). Mercury is used in thermometers, barometers and other scientific apparatuses. Mercury is mostly obtained by reduction from the mineral cinnabar. Notable...

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