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2011-03-22 23:22:20

Field tests by University of Missouri scientists have backed up laboratory research indicating that buffer strips of grass and other plants can reduce the amount of herbicide and veterinary antibiotics in surface runoff from farm plots. Vegetative buffer strips have already proven effective in limiting erosion as well as reducing sediment and nutrients in runoff. The findings come amid concerns about the potential of veterinary antibiotics in surface water leading to the emergence of...

2008-11-13 18:00:11

U.S. scientists studying 10 of the world's most popular approved pesticides say, when combined, the chemicals caused 99 percent mortality in tadpoles. University of Pittsburgh researchers said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved pesticides, when mixed together, can decimate amphibian populations even if the concentration of the individual chemicals is within limits considered safe. Such "cocktails of contaminants" are frequently detected in nature, the scientists said,...

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