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2014-02-15 23:03:19

"Dalai Lama Awakening" a film that explores the spiritual and life-changing journeys of innovative Western thinkers who have met with the Dalai Lama.

2013-07-24 23:02:25

The Chopra Center’s new Spiritual Solutions workshop brings together two of the world’s most renowned thought leaders – Deepak Chopra and Michael Beckwith – for an intimate 3-day immersion

2011-06-16 23:11:00

LOS ANGELES, June 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Naam Yoga® LA -- Energize, elevate and develop the qualities of your body, mind and spirit in a sacred environment and awaken your infinite potential where everyone has the goal of uplifting themselves! The Summer Solstice is one of the absolute best times to use the science of Naam Yoga®, with its harmony of movement to tap into the great surplus of energy, that the Sun is pouring onto the Earth, in order to organize, synchronize, coordinate...

2011-06-12 09:18:00

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2011 The Summer Solstice is one of the four most powerful days of the year and is the best time to use the science of Naam Yoga.

2010-08-10 18:57:00

Other guests include Peter Rafelson, writer/ music producer, Tierra Crockwell, 8 yr old 2010 National Champion and World record holder, Keith Robinson, star of 'Dreamgirls' and Sara Stokes, P Diddy's 'Making the Band' LOS ANGELES, Aug.

2009-08-11 15:41:00


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