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Latest Michael Gorman Stories

2008-08-07 09:00:50

By SARA PLUMMER Families are feeling the financial pinch this year as they shop for school supplies, which are not included in Oklahoma's tax-free weekend. "I'm going to go for the bargains," said Kathy Anderson, who helps out her neighbor Michael Gorman, a sophomore at Rogers High School in Tulsa, by taking him shopping for school supplies. Anderson used to take Gorman and his four older sisters shopping every year, she said. "It would be nothing to spend $1,000 on school...

2005-07-24 08:14:35

By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The president of the American Library Association has one word for the USA Patriot Act's so-called library clause -- "Kafkaesque." "It's very reminiscent of the '50s and the 'red scare' where people showed up at libraries trying to find which political books professors had read, because they were going to be put on a communist list or something," said Michael Gorman, a British-born librarian who heads the U.S. library group. "Where it doesn't...