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Apple Stores Reportedly Offer Price Matching
2012-08-10 04:44:25

Things are starting to fall into place for an imminent iPhone launch, and for those who simply can’t wait another 5 weeks or so, you may be able to save up to $50 on a new iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Temporary Hold Placed On AppleID Password Resets
2012-08-08 11:25:25

Following Mat Honan’s harrowing tale of having his accounts hacked and digital life wiped clean, Apple has said it is suspending over-the-air AppleID password resets for at least the next 24 hours.

2012-08-07 19:08:38

Apple’s ad agency is saying they’re not reacting or responding to waves and waves of criticism, but they’ve finally stopped showing those horrendous, Sitcom-y Genius ads.

The Cats Will Kill Us All!
2012-08-07 14:51:43

I can see it in her eyes. Every morning after I wake up and sleepily stumble into my kitchen to pour myself a glass of water or grab some clean clothes from the dryer. After all, who folds clothes anymore?

Chinese Man Sues Apple Over FaceTime
2012-08-07 12:52:20

As they say, another day, another Apple suit. More specifically, Apple now has to ward off yet another suit in China, adding additional hurdles in their great Westward expansion.

2012-08-07 09:14:18

Nuance, the voice technology behind Dragon’s Naturally Speaking voice recognition applications, has announced a new Intelligent Personal Assistant to rival Siri, named Nina.

Smoking Orangutan Moved To New Enclosure
2012-07-27 09:31:45

Tori, the smoking orangutan, has finally been moved into her new cage on the other side of the zoo to remove her not only from her ciggy source but also from the pressure of her peers to light up.

Black Hat: Former FB Director Calls For War On Cybercrime
2012-07-26 09:25:41

Taking the stage on July 25, former FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry gave a rallying cry to all in attendance to fight the good fight against cybercriminals the world over.

2012-07-24 22:52:01

Here’s an interesting one…Apple has just been awarded a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Europe, even though they lost an appeal to ban the larger, 10.1N.

PayPal Acquires Card.io
2012-07-18 13:09:05

Facing some serious competition from Square, a mobile payment company founded by an ex-Twitter pioneer, PayPal has bought a mobile payment startup of their own to integrate into their existing mobile payment offerings.

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