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2010-05-09 06:55:00

A new study suggests that fortified varieties of orange juice can help the body's vitamin D levels go up - just as effectively as the supplement itself. This discovery could bring an addition to a very short list of sources for vitamin D, which is considered to be helpful in fending off an array of health problems like brittle bones, diabetes, and cancer. "A lot of people don't drink milk," which has been fortified with vitamin D since the 1930s, "but they do drink OJ in the morning," the...

2009-01-22 09:20:08

 A researcher from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) has determined that a 9-month old infant who was admitted to a local Boston hospital with seizures and a bulging soft spot was actually suffering from rickets caused by vitamin D deficiency. This case study describing the findings appear in the January 22nd issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.A 9-month-old breast-fed male infant presented at a local hospital with a seizure after a few days of nasal congestion,...

2008-06-30 21:01:25

By Lisa Rosetta, Salt Lake Tribune SALT LAKE CITY - With summer's full-strength sun overhead, people are slathering on sunscreen and ducking indoors for protection - as they should be, most dermatologists would say. But at least one doctor says to let in the sunshine. Spending about 15 minutes unprotected in the sun two to three times a week, while taking a vitamin D supplement daily, may ward off vitamin D deficiency, said Michael Holick, professor of medicine, physiology and...

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