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Scientist Observes His Own Body Contract A Disease
2012-03-16 03:55:17

Scientists have already used genome sequencing, disease risk analyses, and various dynamic molecular measures to capture and track key changes in the body. However, in a new study, a geneticist is the first to apply integrative Personal Omics Profiling (iPOP) to observe the human body in both healthy and diseased conditions. The study will be published in a special issue of Cell on March 16th. Geneticist Michael Snyder, Ph.D is the lead researcher as well as the subject of the study. His...

2010-03-19 10:41:45

Researchers are only beginning to understand how individual variation in gene regulation can have a lasting impact on one's health and susceptibility to certain diseases. Now, an ambitious survey of the human genome has identified differences in the binding of master regulators called transcription factors to DNA that affect how genes are expressed in different people. The study, which is published in the March 18, 2010, issue of Science, looked at two common transcription factors. HHMI...

2010-03-19 10:02:54

The key to human individuality may lie not in our genes, but in the sequences that surround and control them, according to new research by scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Yale University and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory  (EMBL). The interaction of those sequences with a class of key proteins, called transcription factors, can vary significantly between two people and are likely to affect our appearance, our development and even our predisposition to...

2010-03-01 15:23:03

STANFORD, Calif. "” Like homing in to an elusive radio frequency in a busy city, human embryonic stem cells must sort through a seemingly endless number of options to settle on the specific genetic message, or station, that instructs them to become more-specialized cells in the body (Easy Listening, maybe, for skin cells, and Techno for neurons?). Now researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have shown that this tuning process is accomplished in part by restricting the...

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