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2011-01-03 12:00:00

Paleontologists have found two new sabertooth species that use to roam in an ancient lakeside habitat in Africa, along with humankind's oldest known ancestor. A team unearthed the remains of a seven million-year-old human-like creature known as "Toumai" at the central African site. Its discoverers say that Toumai is the oldest hominid species known to exist. The Toumai's skull was found in the Djurab desert by a team led by Michael Brunet of the University of Poitiers, France....

2005-04-06 14:00:00

AP -- New fossil finds and a computer skull reconstruction bolster the case that an ancient creature that grabbed headlines in 2002 really is the earliest known ancestor of modern humans, researchers say. In that year, scientists announced finding jaw fragments, some isolated teeth and a skull of a creature nicknamed "Toumai" in Chad. At some 6 million to 7 million years old, the fossils came from around the time of a major split in the evolutionary tree, with one branch leading eventually to...

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