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International Space Station Program Extended To 2024
2014-01-28 05:57:26

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online For nearly everything on Earth, a little room to grow can make all the difference. That is true in space, as well. The Obama Administration has announced support for extending the International Space Station's (ISS) mission to 2024, giving the project room to flourish. The extra decade will allow the ISS to continue its already fruitful microgravity research mission — offering scientists and engineers the time needed to ensure the...

2013-05-06 23:23:42

E-Investigations, a Houston, Texas based digital forensics firm, used special computer forensic techniques to decode separate parts of the same email to prove that a forged email was produced as the original in a recent case. The MSG file produced in the discovery phase of litigation did not find evidence of forgery; however, using specialized computer forensics software, and the knowledge of computer forensic investigators, E-Investigations was able to find multiple copies of the original...