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2012-01-17 11:00:00

C-section births now account for about 1/3 of all births according to the latest findings by Bulk Herb Store. Today many women living in NY City are so busy they are scheduling their births (designer births) for a specific time followed by a tummy tuck so they can get on with things they feel are more important than having and nurturing their baby the natural way. Nashville Tennessee (PRWEB) January 17, 2012 While researching material for the Making Babies Series, Bulk Herb Store (BHS)...

2011-12-23 23:55:00

Project HOPE says health education has been driving force in rebuilding healthy and stable lives for women and children in post-tsunami Indonesia and in helping rebuild shattered health care system. Millwood, VA (PRWEB) December 23, 2011 Maternal and Child Health Programs Empowering Communities for Better Health Global NGO Project HOPE says health education has been the driving force in rebuilding healthy and stable lives for women and children in post-tsunami Indonesia, and in helping to...

2011-12-22 06:45:57

Fetal heart rate monitor also tracks how well an infant is using oxygen Despite the numerous medical advances that happen every day, the infant mortality rate in the United States is still higher than most European countries. While experts believe this is closely linked to the growing rate of pre-term births, researchers are committed to finding ways to make labor and delivery safer. Northwestern Medicine® researchers are examining a new device that may support improved newborn health...

2011-12-02 13:00:00

Starting January 11th, HypnoBirthing Classes will be taught by Kate Coleman on Wednesday evenings at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The small classes provide a very personable and meaningful learning environment, where you can relax and prepare for the birth of your baby. Kate Coleman teaches the HypnoBirthing Classes and can be reached through her website: http://www.envision-hypnobirth.com. Kate Coleman also conducts private classes for small groups such as 1 or 2 couples...

2011-12-01 01:45:20

University of Cincinnati history research examines trends in U.S. home births in the 1970s and paints a portrait of home-birth activists of the era — activists who represented a broad cross section of society. This research will be presented at a Dec. 6-7 conference in England. A comparison of home-birth trends of the 1970s finds many similarities — and some differences — related to current trends in home births. For instance, in the 1970s — as now — women...

2011-11-29 10:53:50

Newly developed computer software combined with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a fetus may help physicians better assess a woman's potential for a difficult childbirth. Results of a study using the new software were presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Because a woman's birth canal is curved and not much wider than a fetus's head, a baby must move through the canal in a specific sequence of maneuvers. A failure in the process, such...

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2011-04-28 17:02:45

Labor Induction is a process of giving an artificial start to birth with medical intervention or other methods. When an induction is not performed for emergency or other medical reasons, the method is considered an elective process. The decision to induce labor has increased in recent years due to its convenience or because it easily accommodates busy schedules. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, say that labor should only be induced when it is more risky...

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