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2009-09-13 08:50:00

The Israel Antiquities Authority reported on Friday that Israeli archaeologists have uncovered one of the oldest depictions of a menorah. The menorah, a seven-branched candelabra that has come to symbolize Judaism, was engraved in stone around two centuries ago and found in a synagogue recently discovered near the Sea of Galilee. Other items uncovered at the site, including pottery, coins and tools, indicate the synagogue dates to the period of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem, where the...

2009-09-12 02:15:06

Excavation for a new 122-room hotel in Israel has uncovered the remains of what archaeologists say is one of the world's oldest synagogues. The site is in Migdal near the Sea of Galilee, in Northern Israel, CNN reported. Migdal is mentioned in ancient Jewish texts as having a role in the Great Revolt when Jews rebelled against Roman rule. It is also described in early Christian writings as the place where Mary Magdalene accompanied Jesus and the Apostles. The synagogue dates to between 50 and...

2008-12-11 08:40:00

Franciscan archaeologists digging in the biblical town of Magdala in present-day Israel say they have uncovered vials of perfume similar to those used by Mary Magdalene, the woman believed to have washed the feet of Jesus. The group Studium Biblicum Franciscanum conducted the dig, in which scientists uncovered the perfumed ointments intact at the bottom of a dirt-filled swimming pool.  They were found alongside other hair and make-up objects, lead archaeologist Father Stefano de Luca...

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