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2013-05-02 23:26:09

Reed Migraine Centers discusses the Reed Procedure migraine treatment and its over 80% success rate in controlling severe migraine headaches at an upcoming seminar on May 9, 2013 at Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas, TX. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 02, 2013 Dr. Bob Bulger will discuss the Reed Procedure®, a dramatic new migraine treatment with a documented success rate of over 80% in people who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches at an upcoming patient information seminar to be...

2013-04-30 23:00:12

A new medical study involving the Reed Procedure migraine treatment -- scheduled for presentation at the Congress of the International Headache Society in Boston this June -- is to report an over 80% success rate in markedly easing pain amongst patients suffering from chronic migraines. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 30, 2013 Reed Migraine Centers has announced that Dr. Ken Reed is scheduled to present the results of a new clinical study on migraine treatment utilizing the Reed Procedure® on...

2013-04-17 23:04:15

Dr. Ken Reed discusses the Reed Procedure migraine treatment for severe migraines at a free seminar on April 25, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 17, 2013 Dr. Ken Reed — renowned migraine specialist an innovator of the Reed Procedure, a novel migraine treatment that offers relief to people who suffer from debilitating migraine pain -- will host a free migraine seminar in Newark, NJ on Thursday, April 25, 2013. The Newark Seminar follows Dr. Reed´s appearances...

2013-04-17 16:49:13

Review finds little difference between effectiveness of drugs routinely prescribed for migraine prevention but evident difference in the side-effects experienced Migraine headaches are a major cause of ill health and a reduced quality of life. Some individuals suffer from a frequent and severe migraine problem which means that they require regular medication to try and prevent them. A new review´ of the medications, which may help to prevent episodic migraines, appears in the Journal...

Colic May Lead To Migraines Later On
2013-04-17 05:48:42

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online While colic in newborn babies has long been considered to be a gastrointestinal condition, new research suggests that migraine headaches might actually be to blame. The study claims that children who were diagnosed with migraines were more likely (72.6 percent) to experience colic — a condition in which an otherwise healthy infant cries or displays symptoms of distress for long periods of time and for no apparent reason...

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Heat Therapy
2012-12-31 12:08:31

Heat therapy is a treatment in the medical field to relieve pain and improve over health. It can be a therapy used only once, repeatedly in rehabilitation sessions, or as part of an after-care routine in sports medicine. It can be delivered in many forms with success in all. How the Heat Helps As heat is introduced to the area, the temperature will increase beginning from the outer layer and moving deeper into the tissues. After the change in temperature, the blood vessels in the area of...

Corrugator Supercilii muscle
2012-07-01 19:20:30

The Corrugator Supercilii is a small, narrow, pyramidal muscle found on the medial end of the eyebrow, beneath the Frontalis and just above the orbicularis oculi. It arises from the medial end of the superciliary arch, and its fibers pass upward and lateralward, between the palpebral and orbital portions of the Orbicularis oculi, and are inserted into the deep surface of the skin, above the middle of the orbital arch. This muscle draws the eyebrow downward and medialward and produce the...

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