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2010-12-22 09:25:00

A massive new fossil site discovered in southwestern China marks the first discovery of a complete ecosystem which recovered following a mass extinction. According to Guardian Science Correspondent Ian Sample, "the spectacular haul of 20,000 fossils," which was discovered at a hillside in what it now Luoping county in the Yunnan Province of China, were "beautifully preserved" and included "mollusks, sea urchins and arthropods, alongside much larger animals that occupied the top of the food...

2008-07-09 12:10:00

Scientists believe they have gained new insights into determining the colors of 100 million-year-old fossilized plumage from dinosaurs. Researchers were able to determine the colors of ancient feathers found in Brazil displayed by "striking" bands of black and white, they reported in the journal Biology Letters. Before now, fossil experts were left with only a guess at the various colors exhibited by ancient birds and some dinosaurs. "It solves a conundrum," explained Professor Mike Benton...

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