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Twitter Lists Embedded Tweet Sites
2013-07-01 12:25:00

In a Tweet, security expert Mikko Hypponen asked if Twitter had always listed which websites embedded a particular Tweet. Now, the embedded Tweets lists have disappeared overnight.

2010-11-29 14:30:00

A computer hacker temporarily took down the Wikileaks website on Sunday as 250,000 US diplomatic cables were released on the site.

2010-01-15 15:12:45

Hi-tech criminals are dusting off some old tricks as mobile phones become more sophisticated.

2009-01-20 14:38:01

The Conficker computer virus is still spreading after infecting millions of computers, a British technology security expert said. Computers infected with the virus -- also called Downadup or Kido -- are hard to count, because we don't know how many machines are being cleaned, said F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen, the British Broadcasting Corp.

2008-12-30 12:55:00

Experts say the economic downturn is likely to affect hi-tech criminals over the next year.

2008-12-29 08:10:00

If 2007 saw the rise of professional cyber-thieves, then 2008 was the year they perfected their work.

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