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Latest Milking Devon Stories

2006-10-16 11:30:00

NEWPORT, R.I. -- Just one of the Dutch Belted Cattle lazing in a corral overlooking the city's rolling hills costs $4,000 - a bargain considering its DNA is priceless. Called Oreo cookie cows because of their three distinct stripes, Dutch Belteds were brought to the United States from Holland in 1840 by P.T. Barnum for use in his circus. Fewer than 1,000 are left worldwide. Concerned the animals could become extinct, the SVF Foundation is collecting germplasm - sperm, fertilized embryos,...

2006-06-26 15:11:08

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (AP) - Farmers in west central Ohio are hoping to preserve some breeds of livestock considered endangered by conservationists. Jerome Kingery has milking Devon cows along with Leicester longwool sheep, Narragansett turkeys, Nankin bantam chickens and Dominique chickens on his farm north of Yellow Springs. Outside Fort Loramie, Leroy Meyer grazes about a dozen Dutch belted cows among his 60-cow herd. Both breeds of cattle are considered critical by the American Livestock...