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2008-11-13 14:42:44

It's not much bigger than a softball and weighs just 2 pounds. But the "pico satellite" being designed and built in a University of Florida aerospace engineering laboratory may hold a key to a future of easy access to outer space "” one where sending satellites into orbit is as routine and inexpensive as shipping goods around the world. "Right now, the way satellites are built, they're all large, one-of-a-kind and very expensive," says Norman Fitz-Coy, an associate professor of...

2008-09-26 12:00:27

By MARK SMITH DEPUTY BUSINESS EDITOR CLYDE Space, Scotland's only space industry business, has struck a GBP150,000 deal to supply two flight model power systems to Turkey's fledgling satellite programme. The deal with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tubitak) will see Glasgow-based Clyde provide two flight model battery charge regulator systems for the launch of Rasat, the first Earth-observation satellite to be built and developed in Turkey. The 120kg...

2008-09-08 09:05:00

Chinese Vice Premier hails launching of disaster-monitoring satellites BEIJING, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu on Saturday sent a congratulatory letter to the team that put two small disaster-monitoring satellites into orbit. "My heartfelt thanks and profound respect go to all the researchers, scientists and staff who participated in the research and launch work of the satellites," read the letter. Hui, who is also chairman of the national disaster reduction...

2008-06-26 13:30:00

Canada's NEOSSat space telescope to discover near-Earth objects and track high-altitude satellites Canada is building the world's first space telescope designed to detect and track asteroids as well as satellites. Called NEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite), this spacecraft will provide a significant improvement in surveillance of asteroids that pose a collision hazard with Earth and innovative technologies for tracking satellites in orbit high above our planet. Weighing in at a...

2005-08-02 17:20:36

NASA -- Have you ever noticed how some things just keep getting smaller and smaller? Take for example our cell phones or personal computers. Just a few years ago it would have been impossible to conveniently tuck a cell phone away in a pocket or carry around a computer that weighs less than 5 lbs. Well, Goddard's Space Technology 5 (ST5) Project/Code 495 is building and testing that miniaturization concept with three small satellites. These satellites, also known as micro-sats, will test and...

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