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Review: Android Apps With App Inventor
2012-04-18 03:50:50

Derek Walter For RedOrbit.com The Android App Inventor from MIT is one of a growing number of tools to help amateur developers learn to create apps without knowing all of the ins and outs of coding. Yet even a tool such as this can seem overwhelming. A newly released book seeks to guide users in taking an idea and transforming it into a full-blown application. It is recommended for those who are novices to app development and want to specifically start on learning some techniques for...

Scientists Developing Future Of Robotics
2012-04-06 11:13:19

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com Researchers are trying to create a platform that would allow individuals to create and customize easy-to-use robotic devices. The team hopes to develop a project that would automate the process of producing functional 3D devices and allow individuals to design and build functional robots from materials like a sheet of paper. “This research envisions a whole new way of thinking about the design and manufacturing of robots, and could have a profound...

2012-04-05 21:23:44

A single gene mutation can sweep through a population, opening the door for the concept of 'species' in bacteria Bacteria are the most populous organisms on the planet. They thrive in almost every known environment, adapting to different habitats by means of genetic variations that provide the capabilities essential for survival. These genetic innovations arise from what scientists believe is a random mutation and exchange of genes and other bits of DNA among bacteria that sometimes...

2012-03-30 08:05:45

Pitt and MIT researchers accomplish first demonstration of oscillating gels that can be “revived” by mechanical pressure Sooner than later, robots may have the ability to “feel.” In a paper published online March 26 in Advanced Functional Materials, a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrated that a nonoscillating gel can be resuscitated in a fashion similar to a medical cardiopulmonary...

2012-03-29 23:30:40

Rapamycin-induced longevity in mice can be uncoupled from diabetes-inducing side effects A Penn- and MIT-led team explained how rapamycin, a drug that extends mouse lifespan, also causes insulin resistance. The researchers showed in an animal model that they could, in principle, separate the effects, which depend on inhibiting two protein complexes, mTORC1 and mTORC2, respectively. The study suggests that molecules that specifically inhibit mTORC1 may combat age-related diseases without...

2012-03-27 23:56:43

Work by University of Michigan and MIT team yields new understanding of crucial reaction in the body and in CO2-scrubbing bacteria You see it listed on the side of your cereal box and your multivitamin bottle. It's vitamin B12, part of a nutritious diet like all those other vitamins and minerals. But when it gets inside your body, new research suggests, B12 turns into a gymnast. In a paper published recently in the journal Nature, scientists from the University of Michigan Health...

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