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Apple Releases iOS 6.1 Today
2013-01-28 14:39:01

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online iOS 6.1 has officially landed only days after Apple shipped beta 5 to developers for testing. The latest version of iOS 6 brings LTE support for more global carriers, allows users to actually buy movie tickets through Siri via Fandango, and even the ability to download a single song in iTunes Match. Phil Schiller took some time to write about the new features in iOS 6.1 in a press statement today, but he couldn´t start...

Apple iPhone Rumors: Sources Now Predicting Smaller Screens
2013-01-22 13:25:01

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online It´s been said that the mark of a good craftsman is being able to make their work appear effortless. With this metric in mind, I´d like to make the following statement: DigiTimes makes their job look incredibly difficult. Earlier this month, DigiTimes claimed that Apple would release a larger, 5-inch iPhone this year made of cheaper parts and aimed towards emerging markets. More 5-inch iPhone rumors came in from the...

Siri’s Personality To Become More Distinct And Recognizable
2013-01-18 09:42:46

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online During the era of Jobs, Apple took enormous pride in their smoky thick shroud of secrecy, shutting down blogs which wrote about future products and sending San Francisco PD to search for missing iPhone prototypes. Apple´s current CEO Tim Cook has said he plans to “double down” on secrecy, yet so far this seems like an empty promise. For all the secrecy which surrounds Apple, there is still one way in which Apple...

New iPhone Evidence Spotted In The Wild
2013-01-02 09:40:00

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online “Out with the old and in with the new:” It´s a phrase which is often heard at the first of the year, signaling all manner of changes and new leaves turned over. Almost as if it were scheduled this way, some news sites reported on January 1, 2013, that developers had begun to notice some traces of iOS 7 and a new iPhone in their logs. While Apple releasing a new phone with a new OS is hardly any surprise, it is...

Do Not Disturb On iOS 6 Experiences New Year's Day Hangover
2013-01-01 11:20:58

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online iPhone users woke up to the New Year with complaints about the "Do Not Disturb" setting on their smartphone not working properly. Some iOS 6 users said that the "Do Not Disturb" feature on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch did not automatically disable on New Year's morning. The feature helps to silence calls, alerts and notifications when it is enabled, and users may be able to schedule "Do Not Disturb" to activate between specific...

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