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Apple In Trouble For Overcharging Consumers Down Under
2013-02-11 10:12:57

America has a bit of a love affair with all-things Apple. Not only are these products seen as a status symbol, a piece of somewhat affordable luxury, they’re also quickly adopted and often set the standard by which other products are judged.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1 Today
2013-01-28 14:39:01

iOS 6.1 has officially landed only days after Apple shipped beta 5 to developers for testing. The latest version of iOS 6 brings LTE support for more global carriers, allows users to actually buy movie tickets through Siri via Fandango, and even the ability to download a single song in iTunes Match.

Apple iPhone Rumors: Sources Now Predicting Smaller Screens
2013-01-22 13:25:01

DigiTimes is backpedaling an earlier prediction that Apple would release 3 5-inch-screened version of its iPhone, saying now the company will be releasing 2 with smaller screens.

Siri’s Personality To Become More Distinct And Recognizable
2013-01-18 09:42:46

According to a recent posting, Apple plans to “refresh and refine” Siri, the iPhone’s eerily insightful and delightfully cheeky built-in AI assistant. This should come as no surprise.

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