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2014-05-15 16:29:06

SEATTLE, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Known for its advocacy of intelligent design, Discovery Institute has released The Workhorse of the Cell: Kinesin, a dramatic new three-minute video revealing what could be the most visually stunning molecular machines in cells, called kinesins. The animation provides a new presentation of evidence for intelligent design at the cellular level. "It's one thing to tell someone, 'Hey, kinesins are key transport proteins within the cell.'...

2013-12-18 11:42:28

Researchers have created a new type of molecular motor made of DNA and demonstrated its potential by using it to transport a nanoparticle along the length of a carbon nanotube. The design was inspired by natural biological motors that have evolved to perform specific tasks critical to the function of cells, said Jong Hyun Choi, a Purdue University assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Whereas biological motors are made of protein, researchers are trying to create synthetic...

Scientists Develop Nanotrain Network
2013-11-11 10:35:58

[ Watch The Video: Nanotrain Transport System ] University of Oxford Tiny self-assembling transport networks, powered by nano-scale motors and controlled by DNA, have been developed by scientists at Oxford University and Warwick University. The system can construct its own network of tracks spanning tens of micrometres in length, transport cargo across the network and even dismantle the tracks. The work is published in Nature Nanotechnology and was supported by the Engineering...

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