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Latest Molecular wires Stories

2011-12-07 22:27:21

Findings may impact next-generation handheld devices, solar arrays, and basic science Unexpected voltage increases of up to 25 percent in two barely separated nanowires have been observed at Sandia National Laboratories. Designers of next-generation devices using nanowires to deliver electric currents – including telephones, handheld computers, batteries and certain solar arrays – may need to make allowances for such surprise boosts. "People have been working on nanowires...

2010-03-29 10:45:00

Study paves way for development of nanocircuits for energy, electronics applications Scientists have discovered the world's smallest superconductor, a sheet of four pairs of molecules less than one nanometer wide. The Ohio University-led study, published today as an advance online publication in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, provides the first evidence that nanoscale molecular superconducting wires can be fabricated, which could be used for nanoscale electronic devices and energy...

2008-02-28 16:45:00

Utilizing a technique that combines low temperature measurements and theoretical calculations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists and others have revealed for the first time the electronic structure of single DNA molecules. The knowledge of the electronic properties of DNA is an important issue in many scientific areas from biochemistry to nanotechnology -- for example in the study of DNA damage by ultraviolet radiation that may cause the generation of free radicals and genetic...