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2011-02-01 21:51:50

Mate guarding is classified as excessive or unwarranted jealous or protective behavior towards a spouse or mate.

2011-01-20 14:32:20

Society has long debated the contrasting advantages of monogamy and promiscuity and, in western society at least, the long term benefits of monogamy have in general won out.

2011-01-07 00:00:44

At a time when monogamy is the it subject in Hollywood movies, genConnect experts Dr. Alan Altman and Dr. Marianne Brandon tackle the hot topic and whether we were born to be with just one partner.

2010-11-03 10:00:00

Human ancestors from over four million years ago were quite promiscuous, with monogamous relationships developing as hominins evolved over time.

2010-06-15 10:00:00

NEW YORK, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- While TV hosts and bloggers debate the splits of Tiger and Elin Woods, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Al and Tipper Gore, mega-bestselling author John Gray knows exactly what it takes to win the marriage marathon. "The secret to a super marriage is passionate monogamy," says Gray.

2010-04-02 09:03:39

A University of Iowa study found that one-third of sexual relationships in the Chicago area lack exclusivity.

2009-12-01 14:31:04

Model is expected to help researchers better understand social bonding and impairments to such behavior.

2009-07-08 12:04:25

A social psychologist in the Netherlands says wealthy women tend to have more sons than their poorer counterparts. Dr.

2009-06-30 09:09:22

Avoidance of inbreeding is evident amongst humans, and has been demonstrated in some shorebirds, mice and sand lizards. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology now report that it also occurs in a strictly monogamous species of bird, suggesting that the black-legged kittiwake possesses the ability to choose partners with a very different genetic profile.

2009-04-27 13:21:38

A Scottish study challenges longstanding expectations that men are promiscuous and women tend to be more particular when it comes to choosing a mate. Lead study author Dr. Gillian R. Brown of the School of Psychology at the University of St. Andrews said that in 1948, Angus J.

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