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2005-11-24 08:52:01

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In patients with type 2 diabetes, 14 weeks of a high-carbohydrate diet modestly raises blood pressure compared to a diet high in monounsaturated fat, new study findings indicate. Studies evaluating the effects of high-carbohydrate and high-monounsaturated fat diets have yielded conflicting results, Dr. Abhimanyu Garg and colleagues note in their report, published in the journal Diabetes Care. They suggest that these studies may have been limited by their...

2005-07-13 12:25:00

NEW YORK -- Striking a balance between two healthy forms of dietary fat may be key to lowering blood cholesterol, a small study suggests. Researchers found that a diet rich in a new type of sunflower oil -- which had relatively high concentrations of both polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats -- bested olive oil when it came to lowering levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol among 31 men and women. The findings, say the researchers, point to the importance of replacing saturated fats...

2005-07-01 16:35:00

In the search for the best fats for a heart healthy diet, trans- and saturated fats have long been recognized as undesirable and those that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are preferred -- with no clear benefit demonstrated for higher levels of either the PUFAs or the MUFAs within recommended limits. Now, a Penn State study provides evidence that the optimum dietary fat isn't one that contains either more PUFAs or more MUFAs, but one that...

2005-05-07 09:15:00

Research implicates cooking oils used in homes and restaurants HealthDay News -- High amounts of a toxin with known connections to heart disease and neurological disorders accumulate in vegetable-based cooking oils that are heated or reheated for hours at a time, new research shows. The fatty acid-derived toxin, called 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal (HNE), forms in especially high amounts in polyunsaturated oils that have linoleic acid, which include canola, corn, soybean and sunflower,...

2005-04-08 04:15:00

Large study confirms benefit of fish, fruit, vegetable-rich regimen HealthDay News -- Older folks who follow a modified Mediterranean diet high in fish, fruit and vegetables tend to live longer. That's the conclusion of a major study involving almost 75,000 seniors in nine countries. The findings, published online in the British Medical Journal, lend more support to a diet many experts consider one of the healthiest around. "This is the largest study on the topic of the Mediterranean diet...

2005-01-11 08:17:24

Lab study finds main ingredient suppresses important cancer gene HealthDayNews -- For years, scientists have thought that olive oil might help prevent breast cancer. Now they may have discovered why. In laboratory experiments, oleic acid, the main monounsaturated fatty acid in olive oil, suppressed one of the most important genes involved in breast cancer. "This is the first molecular support for the Mediterranean diet," said study author Javier Menendez, a research scientist with the...

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