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LulzSec Leader Dismissed On Impersonation Charges
2012-04-14 03:50:49

Hector Xavier Monsegur-also known as Sabu-was absent for his Manhattan criminal court case on Thursday, after his lawyer Peggy Cross-Goldenberg said he couldn´t attend due to concerns for his personal safety, making references to “security concerns and physical threats” The Manhattan criminal court judge waived his arraignment on Thursday and agreed to dismiss the impersonation charges, providing Monsegur is able to stay out of trouble for 6 months. Monsegur-Sabu is an...

Five Top LulzSec Hackers Arrested, Former Leader Tips-Off FBI
2012-03-06 12:39:54

In a shakedown reminiscent of a Hollywood spy drama, five leaders of the international hacker collective LulzSec were arrested Tuesday after the organization´s leader tipped off federal investigators. The tightly coordinated transnational sting operation targeted cyber-criminals in England, Ireland and the US as part of a conspiracy case filed with a New York federal court. According to Jana Winters of FoxNews.com, who broke the story, the former leader of the hacker group, Hector...

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