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2010-02-22 13:59:08

Moving to Canada could be hazardous for the health of young immigrants.

2010-02-16 14:57:53

According to a Nature Genetics study, an international group of researchers has used genomics to decode the blueprint of Plasmodium falciparum – a strain of malaria most resistant to drugs that causes the most deaths around the world.

2010-02-09 16:32:27

The research group of Dr. François Robert, a researcher at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), in collaboration with the team of Dr. Daniel Durocher (Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute and University of Toronto) accomplished a technical breakthrough: they mapped all the fragile sites of a living organism, the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

2010-01-27 11:18:48

A new study has found that Vitamin D, readily available in supplements or cod liver oil, can counter the effects of Crohn's disease.

2010-01-26 14:23:43

A Université de Montréal research team is developing a pill composed of leptin, the protein that tells our brain to stop eating.

2010-01-21 16:56:51

A study published in today's online edition the American Journal of Human Genetics, allowed the first identification of a new form of adult onset muscular dystrophy.

2010-01-14 18:10:03

First-of-its-kind work sheds light on HPV transmission.

2009-12-19 00:00:18

Université de Montréal research on semantic memory.

2009-11-09 11:02:23

On Noah's Ark animals came in twos: male and female. In human bodies trillions of cells are coupled, too, and so are the molecules from which they are composed.

2009-10-22 07:52:52

Women are better than men at distinguishing between emotions, especially fear and disgust.

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