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2008-09-29 18:00:00

By Anonymous As the complex and long-lasting controversy over the development of a huge tract of land around Moosehead Lake draws to an end, one thing that was always true is coming sharply into focus: No possible plan could have satisfied all the people with an interest in the area.

2008-09-24 15:00:29

By KEVIN MILLER; OF THE NEWS STAFF BANGOR - Critics and supporters of Plum Creek's housing and resort plan for the Moosehead Lake region made closing arguments Tuesday to state regulators winding down their review of the largest development proposal in Maine history.

2008-09-22 15:00:28

By DIANA BOWLEY; OF THE NEWS STAFF GREENVILLE - Selectmen signed a resolution this week supporting Plum Creek's amended 30-year plan for its land in the Moosehead Lake region.

2008-08-20 18:00:00

By Anonymous Haven't the majority of people made it clear that they don't want the area surrounding Moosehead Lake to be developed? Should Plum Creek be allowed, in a democratic society, to ram this development down people's throats against their wishes simply because it is a corporation, with endless capital, with the ability to purchase so much land? Plum Creek's plan for the Moosehead Lake region is capitalism gone mad.

2008-08-19 15:00:50

By DIANA BOWLEY; OF THE NEWS STAFF GREENVILLE - It has plied the waters of Moosehead Lake for years without serious incident, but trouble is brewing on Sunday for the steamship Katahdin.

2008-07-24 15:00:39

GREENVILLE - Festivities to celebrate the first anniversary of the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail will be held in Greenville beginning July 24.

2008-07-15 15:00:00

By JOHN RICHARDSON Plum Creek Timber Co. has agreed to scale back some of its proposed development zones around Moosehead Lake, but is holding its ground on plans to put 404 homes and resort units next to Lily Bay.

2008-06-14 15:00:13

A major concern with Plum Creek Timber Co.'s proposal for a major development around Moosehead Lake - expressed by the governor, local residents and several members of the Land Use Regulation Commission - is that it is too large and sprawls over too great an area.

2007-08-29 15:10:00

Henry David Thoreau made his third and final trip to Maine's North Woods 150 years ago, traveling waterways and forests that shaped so many of his ideas about nature.

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