Latest Morality Stories

2010-03-24 16:36:46

A new study from MIT neuroscientists suggests that our ability to respond appropriately to intended harms — that is, with outrage toward the perpetrator — is seated in a brain region associated with regulating emotions.

2010-03-24 16:14:36

New research provides insight into the region of the brain that underlies our tendency to condemn failed attempts to harm and forgive harms that are accidental

2010-02-26 09:22:49

Analysis: Helping to stop doctors becoming complicit in torture.

2010-02-08 16:16:50

The details surrounding the emergence and evolution of religion have not been clearly established and remain a source of much debate among scholars.

2010-01-29 14:06:32

Analysis: Interrogating the role of mental health professionals in assessing torture.

2009-12-29 13:12:51

2009 may well be remembered for its scandal-ridden headlines, from admissions of extramarital affairs by governors and senators, to corporate executives flying private jets while cutting employee benefits, and most recently, to a mysterious early morning car crash in Florida.

2009-12-29 09:00:00

EVANSTON, Ill., Dec.

2009-12-14 15:45:07

Picture the following hypothetical scenario: A trolley is headed toward five helpless victims.

2009-10-26 23:46:09

The rationale behind torture is that pain will make the guilty confess, but a new study by researchers at Harvard University finds that the pain of torture can make even the innocent seem guilty.

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