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2011-08-03 14:39:39

Scientists have confirmed the feasibility of using a new drug delivery system — the basis for a battery-powered skin patch — to administer medication that shows promise for treating peripheral artery disease (PAD) and healing stubborn skin ulcers and burns.

2010-12-27 08:21:25

Researchers have developed a microfluidic device that automatically orients hundreds of fruit fly and other embryos to prepare them for research.

2010-12-21 15:36:43

Using fruit flies as a model to study embryo formation, scientists report in Nature Cell Biology that molecular breakdown of a protein called Bicoid is vital to normal head-to-tail patterning of the insect's offspring.

2010-12-15 03:00:00

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, December 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Scientists in Iceland have developed a revolutionary skincare product after more than a decade of extensive research in plant biotechnology. The skin-rejuvenating phenomenon is called BIOEFFECT(TM) EGF Serum.

2010-06-18 17:42:00

SOMERVILLE, N.J., June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- E'shee Skin Care products are the result of a careful collaboration of skin care professionals, doctors and chemists; these revolutionary new products are the next step in skin care.

2010-04-07 13:44:13

The vivid colors and designs animals use to interact with their environments have awed and inspired since before people learned to draw on the cave wall.

2010-03-10 08:31:22

Sonic hedgehog, a gene that plays a crucial rule in the positioning and growth of limbs, fingers and toes, has been confirmed in an unexpected place in the embryos of developing mice — the layer of cells that creates the skin.

2009-09-29 12:36:54

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have proposed a novel model that differs from a widely held hypothesis about the mechanisms by which developing animals pattern their tissues and structures.

2009-05-25 14:15:13

Rats given a cancer-fighting drug spontaneously consume less alcohol, U.S. researchers say.

2009-05-22 08:52:09

A researcher of the University of Innsbruck elucidates an important developmental mechanism.

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