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2008-08-28 21:00:25

* DEATH RACE: H 1/2 Marquee Cinemas, Park Place Stadium Cinemas. This remake of Roger Cormans 1975 B-movie re-imagines this cars-and- carnage thriller as a video game come to life.

2008-08-07 12:01:01

By DAVID GERMAIN By David Germain The Associated Press LOS ANGELES IN COMEDY, Hollywood has learned that raunch sells. Studios prefer their funny flicks in the benign PG-13 mold, a rating that keeps the audience broad to fill as many seats as possible.

2008-08-06 18:00:14

A case before a U.S. appeals court could limit privacy expectations for on-line communications. U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper, sitting in California, ruled last year that a hacker who broke into a file-sharing company's e-mail didn't violate the 1968 Wiretap Act.

2008-08-05 06:00:29

By Greg Toppo Researchers know what your tween saw last summer: savage beatings, severed heads, murder, rape and torture.

2008-08-02 00:00:26

By The Dallas Morning News Aug.

2008-07-31 15:00:42

ALPS The producers of "Everest" take their cameras to Europe's largest mountain range while following one man's quest to conquer the mountain that killed his father. This Imax adventure features the music of Queen. (Not Previewed.) ALEXANDRA 3 stars.

2008-07-25 15:00:48

Step Brothers Rating: R for crude and sexual content and language. What it's about: Two obnoxious slacker, live-with-their-parents 40-year-olds must come to terms with being stepbrothers when their parents marry. The kid attractor factor: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and lots of naughty language.

2008-07-25 12:00:54

By GERRY BRAIDEN SCOTS who download music and films illegally could now be identified through 'filtering' technology or have their broadband usage limited to prevent them file-sharing, under new proposals.

2008-07-25 09:00:57

The following DVDs will be released Tuesday: -- "Doomsday" (Rogue, $29.98) -- ** -- A dopey sci-fi thriller that copies "28 Days Later" and every other "virus wipes us out" movie of recent vintage. Extras: Includes both an unrated cut of the film, plus the R- rated theatrical version.

2008-07-25 09:00:57

By Sharon Kennedy Wynne St. Petersburg Times Summer boredom should be settling in fast by now, but it can be tough to keep up with what's appropriate for kids to read, play or watch. Luckily we can get some tips from people who have already slogged through these things.

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