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Smartphone And Tablets Galore Over The Next Month
2012-08-27 05:33:42

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online The end of August and the beginning of September look to be a busy time in the smartphone and tablet computer industries, as several industry leaders are confirmed or expected to make announcements regarding their next generation of products. According to Shane Richmond, head technology editor with The Telegraph, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft,  Motorola Mobility, and Amazon are among those who have scheduled press conferences...

2012-08-13 10:25:26

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Google announced plans to acquire Motorola Mobility in May for $12.5 billion in an effort to beef up and rein in their Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google was able to arm themselves with Motorola´s folder of patents in any future dispute. As a part of this acquisition, Motorola was to remain a separate entity and licensee of the Android operating system. This morning, Google has said they´ll be cutting...

Google Closes Motorola Mobility Deal
2012-05-22 14:23:19

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com With the transfer of $12.5 million dollars towards the acquisition of a struggling company, Google has become one step closer to being a direct Apple competitor as it becomes more than a software company. Google can now sell hardware as well. “I´m excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed,” said Larry Page, announcing the acquisition on Google´s official blog. “And as a company who made a big,...

Motorola Mobility And Microsoft Continue Xbox Patent Battle
2012-04-24 13:10:14

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Microsoft has apparently violated some of Motorola Mobility´s patent rights, according to Judge David Shaw of the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Such a ruling could better Motorola´s chances of blocking imports of the Xbox gaming console from entering the States. Microsoft  has been violating 4 of 5 Motorola Mobility patents, according to Judge Shaw. Now, it´s up to a six-member commission to review the ruling and decide if...

Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal With LG, Taunts Google
2012-01-13 06:07:53

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it had signed a patent-licensing contract with Android-based handset maker LG, the latest in a series of agreements the software giant has made with major smartphone manufactures. Microsoft did not disclose how much the agreement will be worth, but said it provides “broad coverage under Microsoft´s patent portfolio for LG´s tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome OS Platform.” "This agreement with LG...

Motorola Shareholders Vote In Favor Of Google Merger
2011-11-18 13:28:50

Motorola  shareholders voted on Thursday in 99 percent favor of the company's merger with Google. The merger will see that Google pays about $12.5 billion for Motorola.  The shareholders met at the Special Meeting of Stockholders to vote. "We are pleased and gratified by the strong support we have received from our stockholders, with more than 99 percent of the voting shares voting in support of the transaction," Sanjay Jha, chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility, said in a...

Motorola Sued For Patent Infringement
2011-10-07 07:15:25

In an effort to protect its intellectual property (IP) Intellectual Ventures (founded by former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvoid) is suing Motorola for patent infringement. According to CNET, Intellectual Ventures does not create any products, but they acquire patents and license them to vendors. They claim to own about 35,000 patents, purchased for $400 million and generating more than $2 billion in licensing fees. Chief litigation counsel Melissa Finocchio told allthingsd.com that,...

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